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Your Partner for Online Success with Shopify | B2B & B2C 

As a specialized hub for e-commerce, we provide complete solutions to create your digital store into a success, powered by the trusted e-commerce platform Shopify. We support e-commerce brands in making their journey smoother by improving and automating their experience within the Shopify environment. 

Make Your Online Journey Better

Shopify’s Omni-Potent POS Systems
Boost your sales with a special cash register system that lets you sell wherever people want to buy. It’s like a cash register that works both in real stores and online. You can easily accept payments and keep everything in sync with your online store. With one place for all your sales, you can manage things easily in many different places.

The Power of E-commerce
E-commerce is about doing business online. It’s like having a shop on the internet where you can sell things and people can buy from you. E-commerce helps businesses reach customers all around the world and make money in ways that were hard to do before. E-commerce is like having a digital shop where you can show products, get paid, and send things to customers.

Our Special Way of Helping
At Atlantis Ecommerce, we’re like experts who create special plans to help your online store. We work together with you to understand your business, who you want to sell to, and what you want to do. Then we use our know-how to make a plan just for you that helps your online store be even better.

Our services

Artificial intelligence

AI Bots: Innovate with Intelligence

We’re smart at using machines that can do special things. We can make robots that talk to customers and help them, like answering questions or telling them where their orders are. We can also make robots that help find the right things to buy. We use these robots to make shopping easier for your customers. 

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Shopify Webshop Development

We’re really good at making online stores that look great and functions faultlessly. We make stores that people like to use and that make them want to buy things. Our stores are easy to use, and we help people find what they want quickly. 

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We’re experts at making things happen by themselves in your online store. This saves you time and money. We also use clever machines that can learn and make things work better. We know a lot about new tech trends, and we use them to help your online store. 


Making Shops Unique

We can change how your online shop looks to make it special and different from others. We can use ready-made designs or make a new design just for you. Your shop will look great and stand out. 

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Making Shops Strong

We put cool things in your Shopify online store to make it better. We add stuff like lists of products and shopping carts. We also make sure your customers can pay easily and choose how things are sent to them. We make your online store fit what you want and what your customers need. 


API Integration

We help your Shopify online store talk to other computer systems and apps. This makes everything work together smoothly. It can be about checking how much stuff you have, doing your finances, or keeping track of your customers. We make sure data can go between different systems without problems. 

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Mobile Responsiveness

More people are using phones to shop. We make sure your online store works flawlessly on phones. This means customers can shop without any problems, no matter which device they use. 

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Keeping Things Running

We help keep your Shopify online store running smoothly. We’re like helpers that make sure everything is up-to-date, manage your stuff to sell, and fix any technical issues. Our team is here to help so your online store always operates seamlessly.