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The Challenge

Founded by visionary French entrepreneur Yves Bontaz, is a conglomerate with a diverse portfolio spanning the automotive industry, brewing operations, real estate projects and investments in startups. With a global presence and a commitment to excellence, YB Group sets the standard for innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. The challenge presented to us was to create a cohesive and impactful website that reflects the essence of YB Group as a company. Our task was to translate the multifaceted nature of YB Group into a seamless and cohesive online platform. With diverse business operations ranging from automotive to real estate, the challenge lay in creating a website that not only highlighted each division, but also communicated the company's overarching values and vision.
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Our Approach

We took a holistic approach, diving into both online and offline sources to gain insight into the essence of YBGroup. By understanding the perspective of the founder, we immersed ourselves in the mindset of the stakeholders to capture the true spirit of the conglomerate.
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The Solution


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Driven by Passion for Entrepreneurship: At the core of YBGroup lies a genuine passion for entrepreneurship. This fundamental pillar serves as the driving force behind any business venture. To capture this ethos, we designed the website with dynamic visuals and compelling stories that highlight the journey of Yves Bontaz and his relentless pursuit of innovation and success. Through storytelling and authentic imagery, we conveyed the entrepreneurial spirit that fuels YB Group's business. Innovates the Future: Innovation is synonymous with YB Group and permeates every aspect of its operations. To reflect this commitment to innovation, we integrated cutting-edge AI design elements and interactive features into the website. From showcasing technological advances in the automotive industry to highlighting pioneering projects in the startup sector, we highlighted YB Group's role as a forerunner in innovation. User-friendly interfaces and seamless navigation were central to enhancing the user experience and highlighting the company's progressive nature. Family Legacy: Despite its global reach, YB Group remains rooted in family and community values. This family ethos fosters a culture of collaboration and mutual respect within the organization. To honor this value, we integrated elements of warmth and inclusiveness into the website's design. Through employee and stakeholder testimonials, we highlighted the close-knit community that defines YB Group.

The Result

The result of these efforts is a website that serves as a true reflection of YB Group's identity, legacy and values. Through engaging storytelling, innovative design and a focus on community, we created a digital platform that not only presents YB Group's diverse portfolio, but also captures the essence of its founder's vision. With a cohesive and impactful online presence, YB Group is well positioned to continue its journey of entrepreneurship, innovation and family values on a global scale.


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