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About us

Nice to meet you!

We are Atlantis Digital, a collective of digital experts.

What we do. We build strong solutions to drive remarkable growth.

Our collective consists of multiple specialists within 4 business units, all with their own expertise. With this team, we are the driving force behind ambitious enterprises and changemakers.

We operate in the digital world, but make impact in the real world. Our partners are entrepreneurs and changemakers who want to make a difference. They offer unique products or services. We help them reach their full potential, without limits but with powerful solutions.

Where it all began

Atlantis Digital has a rich history; it started with several companies. WPinaday started in 2013 and Atlantis in 2018, each with their own team, focus and expertise.

In 2023, the two companies were merged into Atlantis Digital with the goal of creating synergy. The result is a company that focuses on growth acceleration and innovation and can offer a full range of services.

Where rebel and magician meet

Because of our bold way of working, we are often described as rebels. We dare to be different: in our approach and in our solutions.

We deliver unique solutions that help businesses grow in a responsible and creative. way. This is where our Rebel and Magical side come together to make a difference.

Atlantis Digital is:

We are international, ambitious and driven to bring about positive change. We fearlessly swim against the tide. We are rebels who believe that fun drives success.


We believe in our approach and like to be held accountable for our results.


We understand the bigger picture and tackle challenges from every angle.


We are rebels of innovation and try new and creative things to make a difference

A collective

We are an international collective of ambitious digital experts. With our team, we combine our expertise to create a symphony of ideas.

Growth driven

We are strongly driven by your growth. This is our focus and motivation.


What is growth without fun?

Meet the team

Atlantis Digital is an international collective of experts.

With this collective, we are able to provide complete specialization to ambitious entrepreneurs and pioneers. Not one service, but THE service.


We don't believe in the word full-service. Because we always deliver our service fully; that is, we do the work and deliver strong results. With our collective, we can deliver what the client needs: from creative branding to future-proof cybersecurity solutions and from customized websites to smart software integrations.

Growth Hacking

Cyber Security

Web design


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